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Originally Posted by AcousticAl View Post
I would argue that hiring a DP wasnít (fundamentally) the mistake. Not conveying things like time base (24p) and overall vision... those are the mistakes, and youíve already acknowledged that.

Hiring that particular DP may have been questionable, but only in hindsight. Lighting that is flat and dull, poorly-recorded sound, poorly-framed shots, a glaring and obvious C-stand in the background... all signs of a DP who isnít paying attention. And the lesson here is that these things can be corrected on set. The director should be sitting at a monitor, wearing headphones fed by the primary audio recorder. Itís your job to see and hear whatís being recorded and to speak up if it doesnít meet expectations.

Iím not sure the solution is just to do it yourself, because that doesnít give you any more experience in communicating effectively to a DP. You know what went wrong, and that gives you a great place to eliminate those challenges on the next short. A thorough pre-pro meeting can move most of that conversation away from the set, too. Itís there that you look over the storyboard and clarify tech specs (ďto be shot at 1080p24Ē or ďto be shot at 4K, 24pĒ) and convey your visual taste (do you want contrasty, dramatic lighting, or lower-contrast/desaturated, or something else?).

The good news is that youíve got all this from your last short, so going into the next one should be much smoother.
You watched my short? I ask because you describe it perfectly

I am not against DPs, just canít afford one now. Definitely, in the future of this career I know. I take partial blame because I didnít have a storyboard, it was rushed, left my shot list, etc.

However, I followed him on IG afterwards and his work seems to be mostly commercial and rap videos. Not cinematography and a film aspect. He has IMDb for a movie coming out, maybe Iíll see it.
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