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Deadpool 2 Details...

She missed her mark and instead of stopping went down a second ramp.
People had to jump out of the way.

Then she hit the curb in this photo and either rolled or flew into the glass window, shards of glass inflicting mortal wounds.

The first stunt woman was fired because she couldn't handle the stunt.
This forced them to look outside of the normal stunt community for a woman that looked similar to domino.

They trained her but she wasn't ready and the producers didn't want to pay for delays. So the producers put pressure on the stunt coordinators.

Originally Posted by Conrad Palmisano
...a position she wasn’t qualified to be in.... The stunt coordinators caved to the pressure.

Originally Posted by Quality View Post
Fresh out of stunt school. That says it all.
what stunt school did she go to?
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