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Butterfly - A Short Film

Hello all!

My name is Jakub Sirkowski and I'm a writer and director of upcoming short film "Butterfly", made in the North-East of Scotland.

The film tells a multi-layered story revolving around the retired war-photographer diagnosed with a progressive sight disease. The diagnosis not only amplifies the demons of his past, but it also evokes new fears of his present. It is a story of how memories shape an individual and how the sense of sight shapes one's memories.

We have a great cast of local actors and talented crew, working hard to make this unique film happen. A few weeks back we have launched our crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign to help us fund our passion project.

I would be very grateful for any form of support: helping us spreading the word about our film and crowdfunding campaign by sharing the Indiegogo page, and - if you can - consider contributing to our project.

Our fundraising can be found here:

Our Facebook page:

A wee teaser:

Thanks very much!

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