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Originally Posted by Quality View Post
I've never had cable and memory card problems...
Give it time.

Cables take a lot of abuse in day-to-day application. Rolling/coiling, unrolling/uncoiling, connecting and disconnecting, getting yanked when the end gets caught while coiling it (don’t do that), inievitably being tripped over by an oblivious crew member and nobody bothered to rig a strain releif loop... they simply wear out. The copper leads inside are hair-thin; yeah, there are lots of them, but as stress breaks more and more of them in one spot it does all add up.

Memory cards are mass-produced in overseas factories, and even the really good ones are subject to faulty production runs. And if purchased from Amazon, are likely poor-quality counterfeits anyway. Or, somebody decided to delete individual files from the card instead of reformatting. Or, the card has been through too many read/write/format cycles.
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