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Jane Mable, an actress from the early talkies bragged about how she slept her way through the ranks to progress her career.

I'm with you guys. I wish this was the kind of world where people always moved forward in their careers through hard work and dedication but the truth of the matter is that people get ahead by who they know and who they blow... A crude expression I admit but I didn't make it up. The casting couch is real and probably has been real since before there was a casting couch.

This is all so terrible.
A fat disgusting pig with a lot of power using it to exploit women.
Women allowing it to happen for the sake of their career and the oh mighty dollar.
Our society should not be this way.

Then again, if it wasn't for juicy scandals like this, the rest of us would not be able to get on our soap boxes and pontificate about how terrible these abusers are. We would not be able to point our finger at the bad guys and exclaim how very very wrong they are. We sleep better knowing that we are better than Harvey and the rest of the bad guys. We go to on-line forums and tell others how bad people like Harvey are,,,, but who are we? Which one of us is so Christ-like that we've earned the right to pass judgement on others. Which one of you is without sin or spiritual transgression? I would wager that none of us is so clean. ... This is between these women and men and their abusers and the authorities. Not a single one of us knows anything except what we read in books and news papers, and on-line. Don't pretend that you have some inside information. Rose Mcgowan says that Harvey raped her.... The only 2 people who know if that is true or not is Rose and Harvey......

But .alas, it does make for some good conversation around the water cooler at work, doesn't it?
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