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You are right Velusion, women are not the only ones being harassed here.

As Kevin Spacey's recent exploits have proven this affects men as well as women. This being brought to light by actor Anthony Rapp's (Star Trek: Discovery) experience regarding sexual misconduct by Spacey when he was only 14 years old.

However, the idea that you think these victims had a choice in being abused in this manner is utterly deplorable. Could a 14 year old boy call the police and accuse a world renowned film star of being sexually abused? You might as well claim that anyone who has been abused had a choice.

This is the problem I am trying to address. This culture of silent abuse, the belief that we all have a choice, when those in powerful and influential positions take advantage of the young, the inexperienced, and the naive. That they somehow deserved it. They knew what was happening so they had a choice. That is absolutely and utterly abhorrent.

How can you even attempt to come forward to the authorities about something this serious when your limited position in the industry leaves you open to questioning? When to tell the truth opens you to ridicule, to be thrown to the wolves, where people like Harvey Weinstein can threaten you with ruin.

Is losing your entire career for the price of sexually exploiting yourself worth it? That should not be the question we are asking.

In any other position in any other industry would this behaviour be deemed okay, to put up with a bit of sexual harassment with the understanding that it is expected in order to get work in the industry that you want to build a career in? NO it isn't. So why should Hollywood be any different?

As sfoster said earlier when posting the article about Cara Delvinges experience, Cara didn't have many options when a creep like Weinstein makes his move on you. She wanted to leave and had to improvise by singing, pretending Weinstein's attempted seduction in inviting her up to his room was simply an audition, which it should have been in the first place.

This is the same story that we've heard from Angelia Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale and Lea Seydoux. These brave women had to defend themselves against a monster and they did NOT to put up with it. It is only now that they finally have a voice to call these sexual deviants out.

Back then they had no choice because who would believe them or who would even have the power to do anything about it. These men who abused women and men alike were too powerful to oppose.

No longer.
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