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Originally Posted by PlatypocalypseNow View Post
... i'm not interested in both camera's capturing the exact same focal length/camera angle, I'm interested in getting two angles with a roughly similar colour scheme where necessary to provide wide coverage of a scene, i don't want identical focal length for every shot either, or any to be honest, i just need to know if those lenses would give me an equivalent focal range to work with on each camera and find my desired shots.
This is not about camera bodies. It's about lensing. On a 2-cam shoot, of course there will be two different focal lengths. One will be wide, while the other will cover mediums or closeups. Two G7s can do that, or to 80Ds.

What you should be interested in is both cameras capturing images that cut together as seamlessly as possible. Wanna brush up on your color correction and grading skills? Start with matched cameras, and learn how picture profile settings (and, if applicable, LUTs) impact capture, correction, and grading to get the end result you want. That takes a lot of time and practice to get right, so why intentionally complicate it by shooting 2 cams that take extra work to get somewhat close to each other?

Originally Posted by PlatypocalypseNow View Post
... more and more movies and TV shows use footage from different camera brands these days...
Specific examples?

Just because it has been done, doesn't mean it's suggested to do it "just because". When GoPro footage or Phantom drone footage creeps in on a major feature, or a 5DmkIII is used against 35mm film for some specialty shots, doesn't mean the filmmakers didn't do a sh*tload of research and hands-on testing to make sure it could be done.

Multi-cam shoots will intentionally be matched whenever possible. When something is used that is of a very different make, it's because that camera was the best option to get a specific shot.

I've been at this for decades. Professionally. And I'll take matched cameras every time.
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