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Question 80D & G7 combo - your thoughts?

Hey everyone
I'm looking at investing in a couple of camera's for some projects i've been working to get off the ground. I've already decided on the Camera's i like and i'm thinking about buying both an 80D kit and a G7 Kit since i can pick up the pair of them online for roughly the store-price of the 80D.
The kind of work i need them for are personal projects I've been kicking around for a long while, a couple of sci-fi inspired works and a horror piece, So, typical no/low budget film making (aside from my camera, sound gear and lights) using mostly friends, family and acquaintances.... just good old fashioned cheap cheesy R&G fun.

Rather than sink all of my money it into a single body and 1 or 2 REALLY GOOD lenses i was wondering what others had to say on the idea of "diversifying" ones camera selection this early and renting the higher quality glass when/as needed?

The basic set-up i'm considering is;
Camera (A) - Canon 80D kit (18-55mm)
Camera (B) - Lumix G7 kit (14-42mm) - (film in 4K but downscale to 1080p)
Total cost $1872.
I'm also considering Canon's 50mm F1.8 and Panasonic's 25mmF1.7 as well, unless anybody has some other affordably priced alternatives for me to look into.
If I've gotten this all right however - and please correct me if I'm wrong, that should hopefully give me a set of equivalent focal lengths across the 28-88mm range on both camera's, correct?
In total that should cost me around $2300 which is actually still about $500 less then i was considering spending on a 5DMK3 or GH5 body a month or two ago...

I'd really appreciate any advice or even cautions people have though, if you think I'm overspending on the cameras let me know (though i live in Australia and we always pay more for things) - Or do you i think I may be setting my sights too high and overextending myself by thinking of purchasing 2 camera's at roughly the same time? am i mad? is this reasonable? i don't even know anymore, man!
I know i'll have a bit of a task when it comes to matching up the footage, but i figure i have to learn somewhere, sometime.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts.
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