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Sorry, not as mutually exclusive to the pre-pro online journal (forum thread if you will), but in addition to. Director, editor, DP commentaries are pretty common, and iirc there might be some out there from the sound perspective but none come to mind.

Basically gives the supervisor/designer perspective on the finished work, the process, point out the subtle items in the mix that would only be heard subconsciously otherwise, and so on. I think with both that and the thread/journal one would get a pretty good/detailed overview.

Interestingly, this could/should be done with other departments as well, if we have the resources. For example someone working with Nick to determine art design then working with the shooting units to keep them on a similar page. Also with the camera language and lighting.

Maybe that is a bridge to far?

Also, the sound commentary could demonstrate what other choices might have sounded like, and explain why one over the other.
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