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Originally Posted by NickClapper View Post
I've certainly not seen anything that goes into detail about how/what filmmakers can do in order to facilitate the post work, nor one that goes into any great depth about what that process entails.
Exactly! Although, I'm not sure a BTS doc is the best or most practical format. For example, I don't own a decent video camera and even if I did, I work in a darkened room (with the film being projected) and seeing the actual detail of the precise tools I'm using and how I'm using them would be boring to watch and not applicable to most no budget indie filmmakers anyway. I believe it's the process which would be invaluable.

For example, as the sound designer I would want to see a near final draft of the script, well before the shot list is finalised. I would make comments/suggestions which will allow sound design to be employed more effectively come post-production. This is important for any kind of drama but especially so for thrillers/psychological thrillers where sound design is one of the most, if not the most powerful tool for creating tension, suspense, shape, pace, etc. The old sound saying; "audio-post starts with the script" is why well budgeted commercial features commonly employ the sound designer in the very early stages of pre-production, rather than in the early stages of post-production. It allows sound to be a collaborator rather than a sort of bolt on addition to an otherwise already finished film, which is more like slavery than collaboration! You'll be surprised/amazed at the difference this approach will make to the finished film! The best format for this kind of info/discussion would IMHO be a forum thread rather than a BTS doco.

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