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Originally Posted by ChimpPhobiaFilms View Post
I mean everyone could bring together BTS footage, and one of us could edit it together (and I was saying I'd be very willing to).
This is a really good idea- if you fancied taking on the organising of that then I think that'd be great.

Hopefully it'd be as simple as people recording decent BTS on set, and interviews with themselves/their crew, and then assembling it into a doc. Would work brilliantly as a companion piece and would almost certainly be more successful than the actual film!

Certainly easier to market...

Originally Posted by rayw View Post
As far as genres go: the cheapest SciFi to make are clone and time travel stories, the cheapest horror stories are ghost stories.
Thrillers, especially crime thrillers, also market well. Something like 'Snatch' might be good.
Action and adventure are gonna cost too much, but if you insist - gun fights are cheaper than fist fights.
For the love of God, don't waste time on a drama.
And don't waste non-existant budget on period pieces and super-set building.
Your evaluations are good but I do wonder whether they're slightly skewed by the fact that you're looking at profit-making films. I wonder, if you analysed shorts that have been successful at festivals and online, whether you'd get the same generic distinctions.

Contagion was actually my go-to reference when I started thinking about how this could be done. I am certainly leaning towards a tense thriller which utilises the unique global aspect of this project (hence why it'd be great to get as many different countries, accents and languages involved).

Originally Posted by AudioPostExpert View Post
Once the script is complete, that will give me at least a vague indication of the amount of audio post time required and therefore a better idea of how feasible taking on one or more audio post roles will be.
Absolutely, that's very sensible. I am going to try and craft the script in a way that makes it as easy as possible for this to actually come to fruition, and that includes trying to make post a reasonable experience.

Making a BTS doc that properly captures the audio-post process would be great- I've certainly not seen anything that goes into detail about how/what filmmakers can do in order to facilitate the post work, nor one that goes into any great depth about what that process entails.
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