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Originally Posted by rayw View Post
Oh, and I sh!t you not - the BTS, interviews, and DVD extras are more valuable than the film itself.
Certainly one of the main reasons I would want to do this is for the resource it could provide, which could be absolutely invaluable, particularly in regards to audio post production! BTS/extras rarely mention sound and even when they do, it's usually just a few sentences on the audio philosophy and a bit of footage of some ADR/Foley/SFX recording. This maybe vaguely interesting to the public and provide a very small amount of info for aspiring filmmakers but I've never seen anything which documents an actual audio-post process itself. A BTS video wouldn't be practical for this, some interviews would help but what I'd really like to see is maybe a sub-forum on IndieTalk for the film with a sub-sub-forum for audio post where discussions can be public. Open, uncensored discussions between the director and Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor and between the Supervising Sound Editor and the audio post team members, as well as the posting of things like Foley spotting lists, ADR Cue sheets, delivery and deliverables (to, from and between the audio post team) mix comments/corrections and of course some from each team member on their individual role, what their job entailed, what they did and why. Very few no/lo budget filmmakers have any idea what sound design or a professional audio post workflow even is, let alone how (or why) to implement it with a tiny budget!

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