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Originally Posted by Dreadylocks View Post
Licensed massage therapist here.

Dynamic stretching is bad. Only stretch to where you are comfortable, you should feel a stretch but you should not be in pain. Hold your stretch for at least 20 seconds.

Active stretching is better than passive stretching. Meaning, it's typically best not to have someone assisting you in your stretch, ie having someone performing a straight-leg hamstring stretch on you. It's too easy for them to go too far and hurt you (this goes for healthy people, licensed physical therapists working on someone in rehab are a different story and you should always defer to your doctor).
Extremely useful, thanks for this. Also, slightly surreal given the thread...

In terms of the short, the recommendation is shoot a couple of shorts in-between as there is a huge learning curve. My first short was roundly praised on IndieTalk, given it was my first short. However, compared to what I'm doing now, it sucked. If you want to do something magnificent, do a few 'quick and dirty' shorts in between just to get the skill level up.

Just my $0.02
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