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THU - Paris, je t'aime:
Second time watching it. It's a nice show. Has lots of simple camerawork and plain set ups.

FRI - Unstoppable:
Although I despise/loathe the ADD rotating and ENG camerawork, cold weather setting and sappy dysfunction side stories I found this to be a very enjoyable film.
Gotta love the ridiculous "blue collar pride" agenda.
There was ALWAYS some new problem for everyone to deal with. Very well paced.

SAT - Let Me In:
I enjoyed the original Let the Right One In ( more, despite its excessive use of tiny DOF, (rolls eyes).
The original had better SFX and a fairly straight timeline. Don't know why this one begins two weeks in then goes back. ?? No purpose or advantage.
I think the actors in this one aren't as interesting to look at as the other, either.

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