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5) Piracy. People are going to upload the film if it's worth watching, so how do I go about fighting this?
Wack-a-mole with the resources of a large corporation is next to impossible. As an independent without those resources... What do you think?

6) Distribution. Is it possible to start self distributing and then if a distributor likes the film, they pick it up? Or are distributors only interested in virgin content, like festivals?
This is a tricky subject. If you mess it up, you ruin your opportunities. If you nail it perfectly, you can get a run away success in which a distributor will be happy to jump on board and exploit your success. That leave a lot of middle ground.

There are some success stories that started with self distribution and became success stories. If I remember right, most of the ones I've read about are documentaries. They are also few and far between.

4) Television. I would love to get this to play on TV, but do TV companies have issues if my content is already streaming somewhere?
Many do. Most do, I think. for obvious reasons. If they pay you
a fee to show your movie and the audience is diluted by several
streaming platforms the movie is worth less to them.
There's an additional issue is the TV station (like some over here) who also wish to have it available on their streaming. Licensing issued to others can limit your options.

I was wondering if it is at least enough to put in a violation notice with the major streaming services to have them take down any illegit uploads.
Sure you can. Keeping up with the volume of infringements is where you'll fall into a never-ending pit of pain, not to mention services that fall outside the jurisdiction that respect DMCA.

Although in some foreign markets I don't imagine people use pay streaming services like Amazon and Vimeo as much.
Some do. Take Australia for example, we stream a lot here, though there are services that geo-deny access to a large percentage of their content to us. So streaming services that support those options aren't as large as they could be over here.

One last thing that you haven't mentioned. A films value is usually determined by it's success in the box office. Without those numbers, or named talent attached, it can be really tough.

There's a website called Filmspecific that may be worth joining (paid site assuming it's still around). It's the best I've come across to help you navigate the world of distribution/sales agents/film financing. If you have a film, it's well worth the money for a month or two. A little knowledge can help you avoid getting ripped off if you have a smash hit on your hands.

Good luck.
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