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Originally Posted by Georgii View Post
1) Theatrical. Probably not something I will do well with unless I do a four wall situation for publicity purposes. And in this day and age of digital projection I could just set up a screening at any hall that has favorable projection conditions, and rent the gear (none of this union projectionist nonsense).
Damn unions! Pushing for a living wage for skilled labor. Nonsense!

Originally Posted by Georgii View Post
2) Festivals. The last time I tried for a festival I ended up starving myself of attention for a year just to find out I didn't get in. It seems it's a big gamble to take and even though people swear by them, the problem is that I have product that is not moving while I'm waiting to hear from them. I don't like the idea that the cut is finished but I have to sit on it for months with fingers crossed hoping for a miracle.
Nothing has changed. It still takes a long time for the festival
programmers to make the decision. I think it's even more difficult
these days because there are far more entries. It's so inexpensive
to make a micro-budget feature that many more filmmakers are
doing it. A small festival that 10 years ago got 200 submissions
now gets 1,000. Sundance got 2,300 feature submissions in 2015
and 4,000 in 2016. In 2005 there were a total of 2,613 and that
includes shorts and docs.

It's a gamble for sure.

Originally Posted by Georgii View Post
3) Streaming. Personally I haven't bought a DVD in ages. I stream everything. I don't see myself reaching into my pocket and paying for a DVD unless it's something so extremely rare and a 'gotta have' that I'll do it. Otherwise I pass. Naturally I would expect my audience to be the same way. I will have no recognizable talent so the big streaming companies like Netflix are not likely to be interested. At the same time I want to be able to make my content available in a way where people don't have to be a member of a site to watch it. One of my concerns is any 'exclusivity' - I want to be able to have a situation where I can be watched on multiple platforms so I'm not limiting my audience in any way.
Each streaming platform has their own rules. There are some
that want exclusivity. As you mine your way through the options
you know what you have to look for.

Originally Posted by Georgii View Post
4) Television. I would love to get this to play on TV, but do TV companies have issues if my content is already streaming somewhere?
Many do. Most do, I think. for obvious reasons. If they pay you
a fee to show your movie and the audience is diluted by several
streaming platforms the movie is worth less to them.
Originally Posted by Georgii View Post
5) Piracy. People are going to upload the film if it's worth watching, so how do I go about fighting this?
You can't. Todays consumer feels everything should be free to
them on line. If the major distributors can't do much about
piracy with hundreds of millions at their disposal, it's pretty
bleak for us micro-budget filmmakers.

I've got some personal "horror" stories...

Originally Posted by Georgii View Post
6) Distribution. Is it possible to start self distributing and then if a distributor likes the film, they pick it up? Or are distributors only interested in virgin content, like festivals?

Again, the more people who have seen your movie the less
valuable it becomes to new players.
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