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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
First of all you should probably look into when a permit is actually needed. It is legal to walk around with a camera and film things, for anyone. So what defines a production? Usually, any camera support on the ground (tripod), light stands, cables, etc. If you are totally handheld it may not even constitute a production.

You definitely do not need to worry about it after the fact. Relax. But to reduce that anxiety look into it, you may not even need one next time.
Well, technically, any "commercial" shoot which takes place on public property requires a permit, regardless of the size of the production. But this "one size fits all" approach to the permitting process (and its cost) is, by most people's common sense standards, unfair and unjust. I read that to film anywhere in LA (even in one's own HOME) for commercial purposes (that means even doing a Youtube video that you monetize for a few google adsense pennies) requires a permit, and it can cost a whopping $700! Again, that's regardless of the size of the production/crew or type of equipment used.

This basically encourages smaller or even not-so-small productions to skirt permits.

I did some more research on it today, though, and I think I've found a loophole or two, one of which is right on the first page of the permit applications for National Parks. It says down at the bottom:

"RECORDS RETENTION: TEMPORARY. Destroy/delete 3 years after closure. (NPS Records Schedule, Resource Management and Lands (Item 1D)(N1-79-08-1))"

If that means what I think it means, good luck pulling my permit records for footage which will ALWAYS be over 3 years old if I'm asked.
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