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Okay, I'll give this a circumspect consider and will balance my real life time constraints against the agreed upon project when something tangible jells.

Oh, and I sh!t you not - the BTS, interviews, and DVD extras are more valuable than the film itself.

Also, my 2 on constructing a multinational film project is to consider a story like 'Contagion' where there are a lot of isolated characters in contact with the real world and each other via news media, phone, and internet.
Very little face to face among groups of characters - since that'd be cost prohibitively impractical.
Just an idea.

As far as genres go: the cheapest SciFi to make are clone and time travel stories, the cheapest horror stories are ghost stories.
Thrillers, especially crime thrillers, also market well. Something like 'Snatch' might be good.
Action and adventure are gonna cost too much, but if you insist - gun fights are cheaper than fist fights.
For the love of God, don't waste time on a drama.
And don't waste non-existant budget on period pieces and super-set building.
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