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I'm like NickClapper in that I've been part of this online community for quite some time and would at some stage like to contribute and help out on a community project. Ideally I would like to take the roles of Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer. However, the first role particularly is very time consuming and it's difficult for me to give a definite commitment. Even only taking the role of Re-Recording Mixer is likely to be a tricky job, due to the variation of equipment/styles/abilities of the different filming units. Having said this, unless I'm working on a particularly high pressure project (which is unfortunately quite common), I might/should be able to squeeze in the role of at least Re-Recording Mixer.

I'm sorry that I can't definitely commit to either role at this stage and would completely understand if NickClapper/the community decides that makes me unsuitable/ineligible to take part.

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If I had any actual experience marketing a film I'd be all over this opportunity.
With so many different actors, directors, styles and equipment it's going to be at least doubly difficult to create a cohesive, engaging and particularly good short film, both aesthetically and technically. This does NOT mean that if involved I wouldn't be giving this project my best efforts (my professional pride would not allow anything else) but it does mean that regardless of your actual practical experience Ray, I for one would like to see you "give it a go" and put all the knowledge you've built up and shared with this community to practical use! If you don't achieve as much as you hope it's not the end of the world but you would have gained some practical experience of marketing and of being part of a filmmaking team, which is valuable in it's own right. If it worries you, maybe you could work with/under someone else, if there's anyone with more practical experience who volunteers.

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