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Ya comedy is tough, it's so subjective.
Just from reading that, he's riding a fine line. I can see how it's offensive these days, but he does make sense in his own weird fucked up way. It's the sort of thing someone says when they're chilling, getting high with friends. And Dave is usually high. The problem is just as you said sfoster, most people don't understand how hard it is to do standup comedy as a career. If he had explained all the trials & rejections someone has to go through doing standup, maybe there'd be less people offended. I have to watch it myself to see how he did it.

You also have to think how many people are complaining. There may not be a lot, but they're just really vocal, & the media puts it out there because it's what gets them views right now.
yeah, you got screwed by representatives of big money. Nevertheless: the metoo discussion is a good thing as it helps us to create a better world.
I agree about metoo, WalterB. But my observation was actually more about how the media has been used historically to distract people from focusing on something that could make them rebellious. Like when the emperor entertained the Roman people with bread & circuses.

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