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When Dazhi Tang was doing his long distance running exercise, recognizing Margaret and Joanna. Because he frequently had the agile competition with Joanna, thereupon they became friends little by little. Afterwards, he scented, Margaret smoked too much herself, and also drove Joanna to imitation along with her.He conceived the idea of wanting to break off their friendship.


Both Margaret and Joanna became aware of good impression on Dazhi Tang secretively. Therefore, obviously suffering a leaving them out in the cold, Margaret smoked less, then Joanna straightforwardly quitted smoking. Hence Dazhi Tang resumed his association with Margaret and Joanna. In the end, Dazhi Tang had a strong admiration for Joanna, went hand in hand by both of them, gave Joanna a big hug. The result directly made Margaret fulmination, anguish, furiousness. While Catherine showed her sincere favour on Dazhi Tang.


Joanna first arrived in Shanghai, being in contact with Shuier Li of Dazhi Tang's cohabitation ex-girlfriend, thus greatly experienced marriage culture, apparel culture, custom culture, and so on in China. Afterwards, Joanna specially went to Toronto, visiting Yangyang Tang, the son of Dazhi Tang and his ex-wife Beilei Hua. Facing alternative livelihood, she expressed her perplexity, contradiction, tolerance in a certain degree.


The time looked also like a running water after marriage. Dazhi Tang requested Joanna to go to library for reading thereupon. Where does know, to the later, Joanna became an honoured guest in bar. Dazhi Tang urged Joanna to quit drinking, Joanna didn't listen. Dazhi Tang had only to take measures , forcing Joanna to be unable to stand. She gave up drinking at last.


Joanna became a cashier in supermarket. When their life had been restored calmly, the evil claws have unsheathed again, castting a disaster that lasted a few years. During this period, Joanna conducted an induced abortion, three times of the detoxification living in hospital successively. Vigorously Dazhi Tang kept forging ahead from beginning to end. As well as, under the help of Wharton, Shirley, Whitefield, and so on friends, going to rescue a fiasco in great lengths.


There's the termination of suffering hardship finally. Amy, their healthy, lovely, darling daughter, was born. Grandmother Catherine took great care of granddaughter Amy in dedicating herself wholeheartedly. This fact had been affecting Dazhi Tang deeply, superadding for together morning and night in a zero distance, both sides could hardly restrain themselves from revealing the true state of their mind. But it triggered off wind, storm, surge.


Dazhi Tang and Catherine insistently considered this disturbance as being restricted within the explanation of their heart knot.But from an instinctive reaction, Joanna always held the grudge and refused to forgive. In order to revenge herself for this matter, unexpectedly walked into a casino, lost in a complete mess, caused a lot of damages. In the end, Joanna brought about the whole family life falling into great difficulties.


In order to pay off a large gambling debt, Joanna went to restaurant once again and returned to her former career as a waitress. But her income wasn't high, and she repaid slow. Joanna suffered pressing repeatedly from the creditor. In having no alternative or in hopelessness, unexpectedly Joanna deliberately or unconsciously participated in conspiracy, evil, crime. For this reason, the family has already showed the disassembly crisis tendency significantly.


Joanna was continually making mistakes, certainly hasing her subjective reason. But these things occurred in the black curtain behind, It was Margaret who had conducted the obstruction, the mischief, the injury throughout. Margaret pursued the retaliation principle that if it's unavailable and it's just destructive. She contrived to pound the marriage which had brought Dazhi Tang and Joanna together for a long time. And the accomplice exactly was heartless, cruel, malicious Christopher.


On the one hand, Dazhi Tang proceeded the reflection deep; On the other hand, realized the actual situation. He simmered with rage, rose up by resistance without negotiations, utilized a wolf and a jackal for being too greedy of gain, designed drawing a snake out of its hole, paid off an old grudge really and truly. But even dealing with thus, still formed the very different endings in three kinds of content that has happened, is happening, may occur and so on.
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