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Originally Posted by mckinise View Post
One problem could be location. The film is being shot in Chicago but the project is in Omaha.
People who believe in you, personally, will not have a problem donating
a few bucks to you. Over 1,300 "Likes" yet those people will not even
donate one dollar.

I wonder if the problem could be the perks you offer. I sure won't donate
the $50 perk - being an extra in your movie is not an incentive to someone
like me. You cut off anyone not living in the immediate area - that includes
the $100 perk. If you are relying on people who wish to be on screen then
location is the problem.

Do you know why those 1,300 people hit "like"? Because they like you,
some member of the cast or you personally? Or because it's kind of an "in"
thing to do - "like" random pages?

And what's up with your $500 perk? Let's say you get one person who
wants a speaking role to give you $100 and one more person who wants
to be an extra to give you $50 each; now you have $200. Then someone
give you $500 to make a different film and wants THEIR friends in their
movie not your cast and they don't need extras.

Your entire campaign comes off as scattered and not thought through.
Makes me wonder if that's how you will run the production I donate to.
Not putting you down - just a personal observation. I hope I'm wrong and
when I check on July 2 you have all the money you need!

But I seriously wonder (as zensteve does) why you can't motivate the
people who already "like" your project to pony up one dollar each. Hell,
even 8% of them dropping $5 would make your current number.
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