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Originally Posted by wheatgrinder View Post
APE's comments, as much as I want to challenge (in a good constructive way) his basic premises, suggest to me that its a good idea to set realistic expectations on this project.

What are some indie films that we can reasonably hope to approximate in terms of quality and scope?

A Second Earth
Safety Not Guaranteed
This is a good point. This film will only be as good as the best material we Indietalkers can produce. If you want to make a really high quality short film, this is simply not the way to do it! But if you want to make an interesting, unique project that has a scope impossible without international collaboration and represents what we can achieve as a community, then this is it!

I think all of the people who have committed to the project thus far have a pretty much unified idea of what we want to achieve. I've taken onboard all the comments and ideas in this thread and will try and harvest the best of them.

If you've yet to commit, please let me know in the next 12 or so hours (I'm about to go to bed) before the deadline!
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