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A Thriller Indie Flick from an Ardent fan of Thriller movies! Feedback please.

Hey guys,

Hope you are all doing great. I had done a short film recently in an Indian regional language (Malayalam) with English Subtitles. I have got really good feedback from the region. I would like to see how the people outside India think about the movie and the subtitled experience can be. ALL KINDS OF FEEDBACKS ARE WELCOME!

Genre Mystery | Thriller
Title Paambum Koneem (Snake and Ladder)
YouTube Link

Paambum Koneem (Snake and Ladder) tells a gripping tale with unusual coincidences happening on a night drive of the protagonist on the way home. There are instances in every one's life at some point of time where you will have to make choices at the verge of critical problems and these choices might look right but could be dangerously fatal! The movie showcases the after effects of the same with a sad truth that, your choices will haunt you forever!

Together we can learn!


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