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I would like to know if it the Countryman or OST will sound significantly better in the H1 than, say, the $20ish one I'm currently using with the H1.
I'll need to have a frame of reference to have a chance to answer that. How does that microphone sound compared to a piece of equipment I'm familiar with I once picked up a few $1 lavs from ebay. They sound like crap. How do they sound compared to yours?

will a "broadcast quality brand" 3.5 lav sound as good as a "broadcast quality brand" XLR lav
These are simply connections. Generally speaking, since the length of the cables is negligible, they don't usually affect the quality.

Also, if it's worth it to just wait & get a Sound Devices MixPre & condenser XLR lavaliere for use with the MixPre's balanced XLR input. Obviously, this would be sound better & the MixPre can do a lot more than the H1, so they really can't be compared at all. But it would take me a lot longer to save up for the MixPre. The H1 seems to be a stop-gap in-between phase until I get the MixPre.
It sounds like you're trying to determine what's a good solution for you. Impossible to tell without context.

In some circumstances, I'd say you'd be going higher than needed (in some cases you'll be able to get away with a $50 Rode Lav and your phone), in other circumstances I'd say you're nuts going for such a cheap solution such as the SD MixPre3 that you'll outgrow in a matter of months.

You might get better answers if you tell us what you're trying to achieve and what you already have.
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