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Originally Posted by Feutus Lapdance View Post
Lets get back on topic. Silent Running is the first script from Deric Washburn and Michael Cimino.
Panos is right; I do have a lot of passion on this topic - not to prove I'm
right but to be clear.

"Silent Running" is not a big budget with scenes on different planets,
many weapons, futuristic buildings, lots of characters. It was made for
one million (six million today) only $300,000 more than "THX 1138"
one year earlier. Only one set and only four actors.

I hope you're still following this thread, Victor. Both of Feutus Lapdance's
examples show a beginning writer can sell a Sci-Fi script. These examples
(including my example of "Le Dernier Combat") show that a script from a
beginning writer should be low budget with few characters and few sets.

BTW: I've read the first 20 pages of your script. So far I like it. You are a
good writer.
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