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Originally Posted by DeJager View Post
There are very specific criteria for a lot of platforms now. You can even see the specific requirements for Netflix by simply looking on their website.
Yes, but generally distribution platforms like Netflix can still buy your movie if they like the story enough. Netflix's strict specs is mostly designed for their original content (i.e. content commissioned by Netflix themselves) as they are able to have full control.

If your production isn't a Netflix original, and they believe it would add value to their service, they'll buy it.

Originally Posted by DeJager View Post
Simply having a good story is not enough if you want to actually make money on a movie
For the most part, having a decently executed version of a good story will put you in better stead than a brilliantly made film that has such a boring story that people turn off after 20 minutes....

All things being equal, a better story is what's going to make you stand out more than a better camera.

We also often talk about story as being the most important as it's often the one thing that's the most overlooked - as beginner filmmakers obsess over cameras and lenses and sound and editing, they often forget that they're actually supposed to be telling a story, and the quality of that story is what will make the movie sing first and foremost; not the quality of the camera.

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