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Well it was quiet for quite a long time

Chris Hardwick, former host of @ Midnight, was a controlling and abusive boyfriend.
That's enough bad publicity these days to get their show taken off the air..

"The network on Saturday announced that it will not air the second season of Talking With Chris Hardwick, which was set to premiere this Sunday night at 11/10c with guest Donald Glover. What’s more, Hardwick will no longer moderate planned AMC and BBC America panels at San Diego Comic-Con in July, where he was set to host both The Walking Dead and Doctor Who."

EDIT: Gets me thinking.. yeah he has issues and I wouldn't want to date either of them.
But tons of people have issues, they can work on those issues and mitigate them but they'll never really change. So where does that leave someone that is emotionally abusive??

Its unreasonable to expect them to never date. Especially if theyre young, good looking and successful. The only answer I can think of is that they need to date someone strong enough to defend themselves. Cant have a wolf dating a sheep. Age difference definitely doesn't help.

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