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Originally Posted by Cracker Funk View Post
Generally speaking, yes, EVERYTHING should move the central story forward. Then again, you've got people like Tarantino who somehow get away with a fifteen-minute scene in which the first members of the KKK complain about not being able to see through the holes in their poorly-constructed masks.

If I can relate a personal story, there was one particular scene in my first feature that a lot of friends recommended that I cut from the script. I was stubborn, and I left it in. There many recommendations that I took from my friends and did exactly as they advised me, but for this one scene I felt like they just didn't "get it", so I stuck to my guns. I'll be darned if I didn't make the correct decision; it ended up being one of the most popular scenes in the movie.

I'm not trying to brag -- I'm trying to say that maybe nobody on this planet is able to "see" the scene that you have written the same way that you see it. Sometimes, you just gotta go against popular opinion and make the movie you see in your head. So feel free to throw all rules out the door any time you feel like it.
Would you mind sharing the script you're talking about? I'm curious.

What I'm trying to include isn't something out of left field, or something completely random. It might seem like a random bandit attack in the beginning, but toward the end the audience will realize these attackers were trying to get at the sheriff, not so much hurt the people of the town.
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