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I would do seperate channels. Personally, I don't mind bilingual content as viewer because I know that there are many different audiences out there besides the English market. But good luck.

Originally Posted by AmateurD View Post
Thank you.
I think it's general, I'm not thinking about a specific audience, just what it can be funny for me.
So yes, if any dialogue exists, it's better to have English as an option.

Thank you.
Yes, thats why I posted this, it may have a broader audencie, but only if the content is good enough, of course.

Thank you.
Of course it helps. Well I think it's risky to have them speaking English, even if very little dialogue is there it should be fluent, and I dont think that will be possible. So maybe Portuguese language and English subtitle when editing.

Thank you.
You mean two channels? If I have them speaking in Portuguese with English subtitles, I think it's enough to do that, maybe.
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