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Originally Posted by Panos View Post
Correct the plot so it does not drag. For me personally, there is no such thing as finding a sub plot to make my main plot not to drag! If the plot drags at any point, then that is a problem which needs solution. Sometimes the solution comes by adding a subplot, but it has to fit to the main plot so much that you don't want to name it "sub plot" any more, but a part of the main plot. If it doesn’t fit a lot and it is noticeable a sub plot, then I guess you have not solved the problem just because you have added a second story. The whole script must be one plot. Otherwise we have to talk about one script with two plots and that's creepy, unless it is a movie with multiple interrelated plots.

In your example, your subplot fits so much to the main plot that it doesn't seem a sub plot but a part of the plot! I think it's essential to show the sheriff's character.
Thanks for the advice. This is my first feature (usually do shorts), so "dragging" hasn't been an issue for me.
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