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Originally Posted by sfoster View Post
it sounds like a great story. I hope you follow through and complete the script!
Thanks and yes, it's just about done. 79 pages before I put in the sub-plot. I have a start and finish, but I'm like 2/3 of the way through a polish. There was a 12 month period where I didn't touch this, so my writing has progressed since then. During the polish, I'm whittling down action lines or condensing things/cutting altogether.

I'm happy with the story. It's sad, especially when you find out what exactly the sheriff did prior to going into hiding and eventually becoming sheriff of this town - Winterhaven, California. He was injured in a gun fight between he and his crew, killed them all and wound up hopping on a horse that drifted into Winterhaven. The madame of the local whore-house found him and fixed him up. There, he found not love, but compassion from this woman. She is the only person in town that knows who he is, and is still present in the...present.

I'll shoot you a link to what I've done if you're inclined.
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