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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
I'm with sfoster; your script doesn't HAVE to follow any rules. That
said I think everything in the story should advance the plot.

If the sub-plot expands a secondary and thus advances the main
plot then your sub-plot is connected. If it doesn't advance the main
plot you may find it makes your second act drag.

Do you feel you can make this sub-plot work?
I've already done a basic outline of the sub-plot so yes, I think I can make it work.

I'll cold-open with some sort of altercation in the town between the Sheriff and some (then) unnamed bandits. Then cut to the main plot and the two US Marshals. In the second act, these bandits will show up again and reveal their motive, which has to do with the Sheriff himself. They're old partners of his who he owes money too (or something along those lines). Prior to their arrival, there will be talks of these bandits and how they've recently come to town, killed livestock and destroyed vegetation.

Since I've made this thread, I guess I realized these two plots are connected, or at least will become connected. I have no indication that the sheriff isn't who he says he is until page 39 when he's identified as someone else.
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