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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
Be careful with your hero's crimes. A Robinhood is loved, but one that commits despicable crimes is despised and won't rise to hero no matter his/her cause.
I guess that's kind of the point here. The Sheriff isn't the main character, but a very, very close second. He comes off harsh, but smart/witty. Think of Little Bill from Unforgiven. He's a "understandable cunt" given the world he lives in and the people he deals with.

The accusation of the Sheriff being someone other than he says he is happens on page 39 as of right now. That might change. Up until that point, I show the setup and travel of the marshals to the town where the Sheriff resides. I also show the Sheriff doing his thing.

When the story of the Sheriff comes out, he won't be liked, and that isn't the point. The point is to show that regardless how he's "redeemed" himself, he still has to answer to crimes he's committed under a different name about a decade prior to present.

So, this Sheriff that's earned a reputation for being a swift hand of justice, will be served that same justice.
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