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Originally Posted by sfoster View Post
Nothing HAS to be anything.
But audiences will complain if a dramatic scene is long and has literally nothing to do with anything.

It sounds like your subplot is directly connected to the main character and his decision making abilities. Sounds great.
Yea, I know what you mean. I guess yea it is directly related. For some context, I should tell you this is a story of redemption, and how no matter how you think you've redeemed yourself, you're still responsible for your prior actions. The two main characters are this sheriff, and the older of the two US marshals who pass through his town.

This is how the sub-plot will play into the main story:

Opens with the sheriff chasing some unnamed bandits out of town, with his deputy helping. The main plot picks up just after this scene as the marshals get ready for their trip to the sheriff's town. This is all detailed in the script. I'll pick the B story up again later when the marshals are there, so they can see the sheriff in action, and start to respect him. The twist I want to include with this B story is that these seemingly random bandits are actually part of the sheriff's old crew, maybe he owes them a lot of money, etc. Either way he's protecting his town by protecting himself. It comes off as "heroic" to the townspeople and marshals, but the real reason is explained when the sheriff is found out.
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