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Originally Posted by Alcove Audio View Post
Your target audience will determine which you should do. If your target audience speaks Portuguese then do it in that language. If your target audience is worldwide then perhaps English is your best choice.
Thank you.
I think it's general, I'm not thinking about a specific audience, just what it can be funny for me.
So yes, if any dialogue exists, it's better to have English as an option.

Originally Posted by Quality View Post
Remember all lives on earth watch YouTube.
Thank you.
Yes, thats why I posted this, it may have a broader audencie, but only if the content is good enough, of course.

Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
If your actors will be more comfortable and open in their native language than YES! Subtitles. If they are fluent in English and you are looking for mass appeal, then also YES! The operative word here is fluent. If they are stiff and thinking about translation, NO!

Hope this helps.
Thank you.
Of course it helps. Well I think it's risky to have them speaking English, even if very little dialogue is there it should be fluent, and I dont think that will be possible. So maybe Portuguese language and English subtitle when editing.

Originally Posted by MNThorne View Post
I would do bilingual content overall. You can cater the both the Iberian and English language audiences.
Thank you.
You mean two channels? If I have them speaking in Portuguese with English subtitles, I think it's enough to do that, maybe.
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