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Lots of good answers from people here.
M6L, you can get a basic idea of why certain angles are used if you study good films, read books, watch tutorials, special features, etc. You can start to have ideas of what might be good for your story.

When you rehearse with actors, you keep in mind the story you're trying to tell, & the mood that best enhances it. When you're all at the location, camera positioning depends a lot on what the actors are going to do & how they move in the environment, so you allow for that in rehearsal.

Your actors, DP, & sound crew should all be on the same page as to how you think the story can best be told, & you'll work with them on how to achieve that. You have to take all their input & try to make it work together with what you have in mind, & make adjustments & compromises if needed.

Start small & simple. Find a story you like. Try to think of angles to tell the story. Later, work with actors. The more you do it, the better you'll get.
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