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Originally Posted by jax_rox View Post
Not at all. Many first-time (and not just first-time!) Directors aren't as adept at the 'technical storytelling' and lean heavily on their Cinematographer for that kind of stuff.

Others are more experienced and therefore take a bit more control.

A background in editing would be great for a Director - knowing how everything needs to come together is a very important part of the vision.

Most importantly, especially if you're not as experienced, is to work with people you like and respect and trust their judgement and experience. Filmmaking is a collaboration.
Well that's good to hear! I'm probably very biased, but I feel like it's easier to screw up camera positioning than it is to screw up during editing. I don't think it's particularly difficult to piece together something that looks relatively clean and professional, but if the angles are "off" it gives the video an amateurish look that's difficult to ignore.
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