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Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
In my opinion this falls under blocking, which is mostly the responsibility of the director.
I'd say blocking of the actors is separate to position of camera and shot selection. Blocking of actors is definitely the domain of the Director (with perhaps a little input from the Cinematographer if absolutely necessary as you outlined in your next post).

Originally Posted by M6L View Post
I see - I guess a better question then would be is it unusual to see the cinematographer handling blocking?
Blocking of actors - yeah.

Originally Posted by M6L View Post
That being said, in your personal experience, who plays the greater role in determining how a film is shot (specifically, positioning of the camera and choosing angles) - the director or the DP/cinematographer?
Ideally it's a collaboration, but each Director/Cinematographer team will work differently. Some Directors are very set about specifically what each shot should be. Others aren't as experienced in the visual/technical side and so leave it to the Cinematographer. I like it to be a collaboration - and if the Director has very specific ideas about what they want I will often throw in suggestions on ways it could be made better (if possible/necessary).

At the end of the day, it's always the Director's call, and they're going to be the ones sitting in the edit suite with the Editor, so know (or should know) exactly what they're going to need.
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