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You're welcome.
Hitchcock wasn't technically a writer but he worked closely with each writer to develop the scripts for his films. Try "The Making of Psycho." I liked the book much more than the movie. Aside from the filmmaking process, it goes into the real life murders that inspired the film. Silence of the Lambs used some of those details too.

I think Allen writes & directs most or all his films. Try his BAFTA interview on YouTube. The interesting thing I liked there was him talking about how he still uses a typewriter, & how he does revisions by literally cutting & pasting strips of paper onto the script. I think that's kinda cool.

Tarantino's another writer director.
I watch commentaries, special features, & interviews of my favorite directors or a movie I like. I always learn something. If I like one movie, I try another from the same director.
Have fun
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