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I actually prefer directors that do this. I mean they know what they want. They have a vision. Often I come accross directors who do not know what they want, how can they direct a crew if they do not have a vision. Those are always the directors who make all decisions on set, and it might work for some, but in my case they do not. I like good preproduction, where particular looks per scene are already choosen. And we just have to set it up when we arrive to the location.

So for me it is a big plus++ Then I can give my input, and adjust where I think it needs improving. But for each their own I guess.

On the other hand, I have been asked for a music video twice by the same artist. And I sat them down with them twice for 2 different video's. Where they had the idea, and they would not budge. I was not into it, so I refused twice as their vision was limited, and would not take any input which in my opinion would massively improve the video.
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