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This one made me laugh, and super short stuff RARELY makes me laugh. (Usually not enough time to build the context that comedy requires)

Though I have a SEO tip for you: your tags are all over the place. I know they're all related in reality, but Google's algorithms will recognize irrelevant tags like Bill Hader, Monty Python, Broad City, etc. as completely random and will hurt your standing in the search rankings.

Plus the people actually searching for those wouldn't bat an eye at your video anyway, since it's not what they're searching for. That's if they ever find it to begin with, considering videos with more relevant tags will be shown to them first.

On the flipside, very descriptive tags benefit you. If you search on youtube for "very short sketch" YOUR video comes up third. That's pretty good for a tag you'd think would be over-saturated. It doesn't seem to be searched an awful lot by users, but it still shows the benefits of descriptive phrases being used as tags.

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