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Do YOU have a deck?

Deck folks...that reads D.E.C.K...get your mind our of the gutter.

Many filmmakers try and pitch their movie around, but they don't have a 'DECK'...most newbies don't know what a deck is. And that's OK! I'd love to help out!

A 'deck' is a series of pages either in print format, digital, or both, that houses a breakdown of a film you're looking to get funded. It tells about the story, the cast involved, the above-the-line, the images and catchy phrases. If there is any name talent involved, this is a good place to showcase that. Producers use the deck to show potential investors to get them excited about the project. And give them money!

Enter shameless self promotion man!

I would love to design your decks and posters my finely-feathered filmmakers! My rates are super duper affordable.

Hit me up!


ps. This post is for you guys alone. Please don't use or share the deck information in any way. This movie is still being produced. Thank you in advance.
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