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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
..................There is a lot of talk about not putting too much depth into your pictures or you may cause eye strain but how do you do that? How can you predict how much 3D effect is too much? I have read some general answers to that question that are very unsatisfying but nothing that really tells you anything at all. In this book, we will answer that question..................
In 2010 I visited a trade fair where Sony presented a hardware/software tool for on set to predict and manage the 3D effect. Indeed to prevent eyestrain.
Other reasons for that strain: imperfect alignement, non sychronous video signals and unequal focal points.
Sadly, I don't remember the name of this thing, but it was meant to be used for on set real time analysis.

It has been too long ago.
I vaguely remember that 2 diverging cameras will produce headache, because it 'forces' your eyes to diverge, which is impossible for most people.
While converging is less likely to be problem, but still not without a risk.
And something about the distances between the lenses: it influences depth and percieved scale, if I remember correctly.
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