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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
what sense of satisfaction to you get condemning Harvey? He is the one who has to live with what he had done. He has pretty much lost everything he worked his entire life building (just like Bill Cosby).
I don't get satisfaction from condemning him. I'm just doing it because it seems he irreparably harmed a lot of people.
Do you think Harvey is the devil? because if he is the devil I say let's call an exorcist to get him out of here.
I'm not religious anyway, but let's wait on the exorcist until Harvey has peed on the rug or had sex with a crucifix.
why did he do these things? It probably has something to do with his upbringing. ...unless you believe he is a product of pure evil, he did these things as a response to something that probably happened to him when he was young. Well adjusted people don't suddenly turn into sociopaths.
His upbringing, his being conditioned by an environment that promotes mistreatment of women, his having a powerful position, so he has a lot of reasons for doing it. It's still wrong.
Guys like you and I will never know what that much power can do to a person. ...what if you were a big time movie producer with more power than most of Hollywood. Can you say for certain that it would not corrupt you in any way?? ...I'm honest enough to say that if I had that power and I was surrounded by beautiful women I might be tempted to use it. No, not rape or coercion but maybe a little "I scratch your back - you scratch mine".... if they were willing.
We do know that having that much power can lead to an abuse of that power. If I was a powerful producer I might be tempted, & if I made a proposition like that to someone trying to get a job, it's completely wrong, whether the person was willing or not. And if they report me, I deserve to be condemned. Scratching each other's back is okay I guess if we couldn't reach the itch ourselves & if it was consensual & if it was so super itchy it kept us from doing our jobs.
this "shockwave" is only a forced - politically correct response to something that I'm sure EVERYONE knows happens in Hollywood and everywhere else on a daily basis. Do you think Harvey invented the casting couch,,,, and how come a guy like me who has never worked in Hollywood knows about the casting couch? Answer: because EVERYONE knows about it.
Politically correct or not, even if Everyone knows it happens everywhere, even if Harvey didn't invent the couch, even if you've never worked in Hollywood but know about it, we still have to stop sexual harassment. How would you feel if it happened to your mother, sister, daughter, wife?

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