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I agree.

3D window: inside, on screen, outside

The goal of Stereoscopy is to create the sensation of 3 dimensional depth in a 2 dimensional image. Regardless of how the image or video or film is presented or projected, the goal is the same; to capture or create 2 images, a stereo pair, in a binocular fashion that when presented appears as one image, a stereogram, that has the appearance of actual depth. Because we are talking about bringing depth to a flat image we need to understand the relationship between the depth and the 2 dimensional plane holding it. Because a 2D image exists, in a physical sense, in 3D space, our eyes will see it that way. In other words, a stereogram, will appear as a 2 dimensional window into a 3 dimensional world. A small 3D picture that you hold in your hand is a 2 dimensional window into a 3 dimensional world that you are holding in your hand. With this in mind we can say that the 3D window can be broken down into 3 distinct regions of the 3D space; inside the screen, on the screen, and outside the screen. Inside the screen is the same as behind the screen or piece of paper the image is printed on. On the screen is exactly on the screen or paper it is printed on. Outside the screen is right in front of you, inside the theater or wherever you happen to be when viewing it. The object is closer to you than the screen or paper it is printed on. It appears to have come "out of the screen". Objects in the 3D picture can exist in any one of these regions or even in all 3 at once.

Before we go any further I want to make sure you are not confused about the terms 2 dimensional screen or just screen, 3D window, and 3D screen. The 2 dimensional screen is simply the actual physical plane that is being used to present the stereogram. It is the movie screen or the piece of paper the image might be printed on, or the computer monitor screen or the television screen in your home. It is called 2 dimensional because a plane has no depth, only height and width. The 3D window and the 3D screen are essentially the same thing. When looking at a 3D image it appears that you are looking into a window so, you can call it a 3D window. A 3D screen is exactly the same thing except we say "screen" because televisions have a screen, movie theaters show movies on a screen. Your computer monitor is a screen. Almost every way to present a 3D image is via some sort of screen. Yes, 3D images are also printed on paper which is sort of like a screen except that you don't project the image. It simple exists as ink or dye on the surface of the paper.. Anyway, both 3D window and 3D screen make sense and are accurate. I may use them interchangeably.
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