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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
How disappointing. I was hoping this thread would spark conversation and the exchange of real information. Instead it has become an attempt to discredit me by people who don't really know anything about stereoscopy. It seems that your 3D accomplishments are limited to only knowing other people who work with 3D or having seen movies in 3D... so sad..
I'm sorry you feel my questions are just trying to discredit you.

I'm sad that you take my lack of understanding of something you have
spent 5 or 7 years learning about "so sad". You are correct, I have no
3D accomplishments at all so was hoping to learn a little from you. Instead
you put me down for my lack of accomplishments.

I regret asking my questions and posing my challenges. You did say were
were not expecting to be challenged by a non-practitioner so I should have
just stayed out of it.

I won't ask you any more questions or offer my opinions. A sad day for
this forum.
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