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Start with:

What sort of work do you want to do in the first 12 months? What sort of clients do you anticipate you will be able to get in the first 12 months? How achievable and how compatible are those two questions? What do you realistically expect you will be able to do in terms of the level of work in the first 6-12 months?

Renting out equipment and space is not an easy money maker, and takes a huge amount of initial capital. Unless you're going to be investing in Alexas and top of the line equipment and suites (which you won't be able to on even 75k) you'll be lucky to even make your money back in 24 months.

Renting out equipment and space should be a supplemental money stream, not a main source of income unless that's specifically the business you want to get into and you can afford to do it properly.

My suggestion would be start small. Start at home, build up some clients and re-invest all the money you make into your business. I know sometimes we need to take risks, but spending $75k up-front seems like an unnecessary risk. Buy one camera and some basics for now. Spend $5-10k. Build up a few recurring clients who can sustain you. Then expand. That way you get to test the market. No use spending $75k on equipment and gear and finding you can only get a handful of clients whose budgets are no higher than $400/video and the people who want to hire your facilities can only afford $50/day...
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