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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
and let's also remember that most of these victims had a choice. They could have immediately called the police. They could have immediately called the union. They chose to put up with the exploitation rather than lose a role in a movie. Kind of like selling your soul to the devil if you thing about it... and I'm sure that plenty of woman (and men) didn't need to be exploited. There are those who were voluntary. They were more than happy to blow the producer to get the part. There are no innocent victims in this story. We are talking about Hollywood where people would do ANYTHING to be in a movie...
A woman who accepts something from a man in exchange for her dignity is just as guilty as the man in my opinion... It's good that they are coming forward now but they really should have come forward decades ago when the alleged exploitation occurred.
I'll add to my list:

Originally Posted by jax_rox View Post
One of these victim blaming, misogynistic attitudes is 'she did it to advance her career'/'slept her way to the top'/'blew the Producer to get the part'/other similar sentiments.

Unconscious sexism is extremely prevalent in our society, and it's become so normalised that often we don't even realise we're doing it. We must ensure we call out misogynistic attitudes in others and more importantly learn to recognise when we're doing it ourselves if we have any chance of eradicating these detrimental attitudes from our society.
Please share what further information you may have about these particular instances, because as far as I can tell it has been entirely unwanted, unprovoked, invasive and ultimately scarring.

And no, going to the police or the union is not and was not a solution for many if not all of those who are abused by people who hold the most power in Hollywood.
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