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Originally Posted by jax_rox View Post
I think in regards to 'immersive 3D' there haven't been many films where the storytelling is borne out of the technology, I imagine mostly because most films had to work as a 2D and 3D story. I have seen a small handful of IMAX 3D films where the storytelling is more tied to the 3D technology and that is very interesting. Is that what you mean when you talk about an immersive experience?

3D is added as an extra to movies instead of treated as a new form of media.

The same happens with 360videos. I've seen 'corporate 360 videos' that were shot as a normal video, but with a 360 camera. Trying to project a new medium on an existing one does not always work.

With stereoscopic movies it can work very well, but there might be a much bigger and differentent potential that is not being used. At the same time: movies rely on theatres. So from that point of view the current use of 3D is not that strange.
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